1st February 2015 - The End Game

So, it's time I close up shop. It's been more than 2 years since I last updated RGZ - but I love the girl too much to simply let her die and be forgotten, vanishing from the internet all together. Thanks to some very kind people over at The VG Resource the site will stay online for people to enjoy but mostly - just as a reminder to myself of all the great times I've had doing this. This site has been a huge part of my life and I've met some great people because of it. Dazz, the late N-Finity, WaxPoetic, all the truly amazing people at the Captain N Forums back in the day (Stewie_for_gov, Nessa Mouse, Flash [I think... the blue and yellow MegaMan guy]) - so many names have escaped me but I hope you are all doing well. Seriously the fun I had on those forums still makes me smile and I miss those days greatly. But most of all it's Locke_gb7 who I am most thankful for meeting. Having shared countless good times and pretty much being like a brother during the heyday of the site - he has become a truly good friend.

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Below are some of the game I had the fondest memories of ripping. Either through because of how beautiful the sprites were, the challenge faced, or just the fun I had doing them.

As N-Finity would say, be well.

- Goemar (Richard Ashmore)