Started RGZ on the 6th January 2002. After searching the web for sprites from uncommon games like Yume Penguin Monogatari and Wacky Races and finding nothing he decided he would have to do it himself. After submitting a few sheets to other sprite sites Goemar decided to start RGZ as a home for sprites from forgotten and uncommon games.

email: goemar@retrogamezone.co.uk 


After Goemar decided to submit a few sheets to Locke's site (NES SNES Sprites) the two became great friends and soon RGZ was born. Although Locke is one of RGZ's main contributors he still runs his own site as he enjoys web design and receives a large number of hits


Goemar's mistress has fallen under his influence and fell into the world of sprites. Although she is a good ripper her interests lie more with modern games like Fallout 3 than retro games. Then again, after using about 60 save states just to pass 8-4 on Super Mario Bros. one could say it has something to do with skill...


Although extremely talented at 3D modeling and drawing, her spriting is what brings a smile to RGZ. Her ability to sprite RPGs is something to behold. Sadly she rarely finds time to sprite now.